Automatically whitelist Zarafa contacts from addressbooks

This feature is in charge to export contacts from members addressbooks to the white-lists databases of all enabled anti-spam filters.

To activate this feature, you need to enable the feature and schedule the Zarafa export task to Anti-spam engines.

Enable the feature.

  • On the Zarafa section, select Tools tab.
  • Click on AddressBooks Whitelisting icon.


  • Turn to green the feature.


  • Use Sent items: All addresses sended by the member and stored in Sent mailbox will be whitelisted.(Last 150 messages)
  • Use Junk items: All messages senders addresses that are not whitelisted will be added into the "Blacklist" database.

Schedule the task

  • Return back to the Main Artica page and click on System information icon.
  • Select tasks tab.
  • Click on new Schedule button and select "Export Zarafa conatcts to whitelist database" item in the dropdown list.
  • Click on browse to define the schedule.