Roundcube Vacation / Auto-reply

The Roundcube Vacation / Auto-reply is a part of the managesieve plugin.
You need to enable managesieve in order to make it available for your users.

  • On the FreeWebs table, select your RoundCube Web site.
  • Click on the RoundCube WebMail system tab.
  • On the bottom table, search the managesieve entry and enable it.


Enable the vacation message.

  • Login on the RoundCube WebMail system.
  • Choose settings on the top bottom icon.
  • Click on Filters tab.


  • Click on the add icon on the left side.
  • Define you filter name.
  • Choose "Reply with message" on the drop-down list.
  • Enable the "All messages" on the incoming mail section.
  • Define the subject and the body of the reply message.