Replicate the Roundcube WebMail database

If you duplicate the Roundcube WebMail database and can access to the remote WebMail service, you will not replicate the MySQL database used to store users preferences and AddressBook.
In this case you need to define the replication settings on the remote server.
Notice that this only a replication from mail server to remote server.
This means that changes on the remote server will be erased.
Notice: both remote Web server and mail server must have Artica versions up to 1.6.081400.


  • On the remote server, in FreeWebs  Website RoundCube WebMail system, click on Replication link.


  • Click on enable checkbox.
  • Set the Artica server address and Artica web interface port that store your backend RoundCube WebMail website.
  • Set the Super Admin name and password.
  • Set the Web server hostname that store the original RoundCube WebMail on the remote server.
  • Click on Apply button.