Install RoundCube WebMail on an external server

Each Artica (even it is not designed to be a Mail server) is able to install the RoundCube WebMail system and can handle FreeWebs service.

Install application trough Artica.

  • Open The Artica Web Console on the remote server.
  • Select the CD-ROM on the top icons section.
  • Select Softwares Database
  • At the bottom, type the search entry round
  • Click on the Blue icon under the RoundCube WebMail system row


You can install RoundCube by the commande line too by typing
/usr/share/artica-postfix/bin/artica-make APP_ROUNDCUBE3

  • Wait during the installation and click periodically on the refresh icon.


Create the Web service trough FreeWebs

  • On the Main page, click on FreeWebs icon located on the left side.


  • By default, FreeWebs is disabled.
  • Turn to green the Enable FreeWeb service and click on Apply.
  • Ensure that the Apache service is up and running.


  • Click on Web servers tab.
  • Click on New Server button.
  • Set the web site name in the form and click on Add button.


  • The web site is added in the table.
  • Click on the link of the web site.


  • Select Groupwares tab.
  • Click on the RoundCube WebMail system icon.


  • The Web site is now turned to a RoundCube WebMail system.
  • Close the section.