Create your first WebMail service.

To make RoundCube available, you need to use FreeWebs.
FreeWebs is the engine that helps you creating Web servers.
It use use Virtual Hosts to generate Internet Sites.

1) Create the DNS entry.

You need to add your desired web server in your private/public DNS.
If you want to create the webserver webmail.myserver.tld, you need to add an entry webmail.myserver.tld that will point to the IP address of the appliance server.

2) Create the Internet Site.

On the Main page, click on "FreeWebs" icon.



  • Click on the Web servers tab.
  • On the table click on "New server" button.


  • Defines the web server name that will handle the RoundCube WebMail.
  • Click on "Add" button.


  • The Web server is added into the main Internet web sites list.
  • Click on the freshed added web server.


  • Select the "Groupwares" tab.
  • Click on the RoundCube WebMail system.


The Interface will be refreshed and display RoundCube has the main Groupware saved.


Select Website tab and click on the Rebuild icon in the left side in order to make the WebMail in production mode.


You should see the WebMail by typing the web server name (if DNS are correcly set).