Import fetchmail rules from a csv file

Minimal Artica version: 1.6.080716
This feature allows to bulk import fetchmail rules from a csv file.
Useful when you have a lot of users that needs to retrieve their messages from an original mail server or from their ISP.

  • You need to format the CSV file like this:
Mailbox server;Protocol;username;password;local account;SSL Protocol;Use SSL 0/1;IMAP;jhon.doe@cmp.tld;jhoneDoe;jhone.doe;ssl23;0
  • Or download this sample
  • On the FetchMail section
  • Click on Fetchmail rules tab.
  • Select import button in the table.


  • The procedure is to upload your csv file on the server in order to select it.
  • Click on browse button.


  • On the Artica Explorer, select  the target directory.
  • Click on the Upload icon.
  • Select your csv file in order to upload it to the server.


  • Select the uploaded file in the Artica explorer.


File path is added in the path field, click on Analyze button.


  • After clicking on Analyze button, you will be able to see if rules are correctly added on the system.


About SSL protocol:

It forces an SSL/TLS protocol.
Possible values are ’none’, ’SSL2’, ’SSL23’, (use of these two values is discouraged and should only be used as a last resort) ’SSL3’, and ’TLS1’.
The default behaviour if this option is unset is: for connections without ssl enabled, use ’TLS1’ so that fetchmail will opportunistically try STARTTLS negotiation with TLS1.
You can configure this option explicitly if the default handshake (TLS1 if ssl is disabled) does not work for your server.
To defeat opportunistic TLSv1 negotiation when the server advertises STARTTLS or STLS, and use a cleartext connection use ’none’.
This option, even if the argument is the empty string, will also suppress the diagnostic ’SERVER: opportunistic upgrade to TLS.’ message in verbose mode.
The default is to try appropriate protocols depending on context.