Example: Fetch your gmail mailbox

gmail is used by many people in the world.
This example shows you how to create a fetchmail rule in order to retrieve messages stored in a gmail mailbox.

Verify IMAP protocol.

  • Usually IMAP is enabled on Free Gmail account.
  • Connect to your Gmail web interface and display your mailbox settings.


  • Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • Verify that your POP/IMAP service is enabled.


Create the Fetchmail rule for the Artica Member.

  • ¬†Open the Member section and choose "Messaging" tab
  • Click on FetchMail Daemon icon.


A new screen is displayed, click on "New rule" button.


  • Set your gmail email address on "User name" field.
  • Set "imap.googlemail.com" in the "Mailbox server name" field.
  • Click on Add button.


  • Rule is added in the table, but it add IMAP standard by default as gmail use IMAP ssl, we need to set Advanced options.
  • Click on the fetchmail rule link on the table.


  • Click on Advanced options button


  • Enable the checkbox "Use SSL".


Verify your settings.

In order to check if the retreival engine run as expected, on the main table click on the "Execute for dubbing purpose link".


  • After several seconds, refresh the table, you will see an icon under the DEBUG column.
  • Click on the icon.


  • You will be able to display events and see if there is something wrong.