SMTP Gateway or Groupware with Zarafa Mail server

fond-artica-500.jpgArtica Mail appliance provide the building block for your enterprise email infrastructure.
Users can access their enterprise email via WebMail from any desktop and any browser, or via any standards based email client including Outlook. In addition to its email functionality, the Appliance also provides easy-to-use collaboration tools, including group calendaring, scheduling and address book.

Email Security:
Artica appliance delivers unparalleled multi-layered protection from spam, virus and hacker attacks.
It provides real-time enterprise email updates to reduce the window of vulnerability resulting in airtight security at the edge of the network.
The appliance form factor makes it easy to deploy with minimal ongoing Webmail administration.
It includes all well known technologies to fight Spams such as
Grelylisting, Content filtering, DNS filtering and Automatic FireWall rules.

Main Features:

Using Zarafa has backend you can: